Statement by Candance Chow on Recent Illinois General Assembly Sexual Harassment Allegations






Statement from Candance Chow, Democratic Candidate for District 17 State House Representative

This statement is in response to the allegations of sexual harassment, reported in Capitol Fax and the Chicago Tribune, against State Senator Ira Silverstein. A complaint was filed to the Inspector General’s Office against Senator Silverstein at the beginning of 2017. Yet, the complaint was not properly investigated because the office has been without an Inspector General since mid-2014.

EVANSTON, IL – November 3, 2017 – “I am deeply troubled by the recent allegations of sexual misconduct by Senator Silverstein.  Unfortunately, it is also clear that a culture of harassment and impunity extends far beyond one individual in Springfield.  It is time for women and men, elected officials and candidates alike, across Illinois politics to speak up and reject this behavior because our state deserves better,” said Candance Chow in a press statement today. 

Candance Chow began her career as an advocate for workplace and educational equity for women and girls.  “As Deputy Executive Director for Business and Professional Women/USA, I worked on these same issues almost 25 years ago, and it truly saddens me that we haven’t made more progress, especially in the public service arena.  There’s no room in our public institutions for this or any other bias that impedes bringing our best to our jobs and call to serve,” Chow said.  “We must come together and call for a swift and thorough investigation of the allegations.” 


Candance Chow is running for the Democratic nomination in the March 2018 primary for the 17th District State Representative seat, currently held by State Representative Laura Fine, who is running for State Senate.  For more information about Candance or the campaign, contact Gabe Frankel at or visit