Remember our Shared Humanity

From the Campaign Trail

So, I have been knocking on doors every day for about three hours.  And, before you gasp - it's been the most fun part of this campaign thus far.   Here's one funny story from yesterday.

I was trying to leave an apartment building yesterday after talking with a nice man who would not sign my petition because he grew up in Russia and is a Republican - he doesn't want socialism here.  I decided not to discourse on the differences between socialism and being a progressive democrat but thanked him and turned to leave the building.  As I pulled the outer doorknob,  it came off in my hand....I was trapped in the alcove.  I tried to push the doorknob back in the door several times to no avail, and then went back to knock on the man's door.  He kindly let me go through his apartment and out his back door to leave the building.  

 I said, "I thought maybe I would be trapped until I became a Republican." He laughed and said, "We are both too busy for that!"  

 Lesson: As a public servant, respect and remember the humanity we all's the only way to find common ground and make progress.

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