Can you really campaign on a day like today?

I strongly considered not heading out today to knock doors from 4-7 given the awful atrocities of last night. Yet, in some small way, it felt like I was doing something positive in the midst of so much pain and suffering.  I was greeted so warmly even on a day when anyone's tendency would be to shut the door and pull the blinds shut.  I was told "you are brave and courageous" to fight the mess we are in.  I was greeted with surprise because people didn't expect that "the actual candidate" was knocking at their door.  

I was told that we need to have hope despite what our rational thoughts may say about how much good just one person can do.  In short, my door-knocking made me feel better about the state of our communities, our state and our world. So thank you - to everyone who showed me the kindness we need to all show each other during this time.  

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